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Help and FAQ

Find below our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions which are not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us by email [email protected]

1. I've made an online booking but haven't received any confirmation. What should I do ?

Normally our email confirmation should arrive in your Inbox within a few minutes. If you haven't received an email confirmation of your reservation it is normally because you entered a invalid email address or certain email providers like and filters may interupt delivery. Email us your booking details and we will forward your booking details to your valid email address.

2. Will my credit card charge be charged immediately when I make my booking ?

Each hotel has its own policy on how your credit card will be used. Please refer to each hotels terms and conditions with regards payment for your accommodation.

3. Are my credit card details secure ?
All data that you provide us is transmitted in a secure environment. The credit card information entered is used for either one-time validation or will be charged in full depending on the hotels' payment policy.

4.How do I find a hotel's telephone number ?

On confirmation of your reservation we will email you the hotel's full postal address and telephone number.

5. I do not have a credit card, can I still make a hotel reservation ?

Reservations can only be confirmed with a valid credit card.

6. What types of credit card can I use when I make my reservation ?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Switch (Debit) Cards can be used on our website. However, it is possible that the hotel does not accept one or more of these card types. Please refer to the hotels' booking page with regards card types accepted.

7. Do we have to pay a booking fee ?

No. Our service is provided FREE of charge.

8. Can I make a reservation for today ?

Yes. A large majority of our hotel's can be reserved for same day check-in.

9. Are taxes and breakfast included in the price ?

This depends on the hotel and on the room type selected, which will be displayed at time of your booking.

10. Can I make a hotel reservation by phone ?

Yes, if you have a valid credit card and would like to make a booking by phone, please telephone +44 (0) 1480 212898.

11. How do I cancel or amend my reservation ?
Click on the Manage Booking link top right hand side of every page to view, edit, amend and cancel your reservation.

12. How do I know that my hotel reservation has been cancelled ?
After your reservation has been cancelled, you will receive an email to confirm your cancellation. If you do not receive the cancellation email, please contact us. If you have any other questions which are not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.